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I really enjoyed the book; it's easy to read (you get used to the author not using past tense) and the quick chapters make you want to read another one...and another one....
It's a completely different view of the Robin Hood story with a dark twist and that's what made it so much better - I recommend it!

Maude Bertand

Kindle Reader


A.P Beswick, a devoted parent and a passionate writer, embarked on the wonderful journey of storytelling when his children expressed a desire for an original bedtime story.


Night after night, he would sit beside their beds, weaving magical tales that would light up the face of his youngest daughter. That priceless fascination and joy sparked a fulfilling experience for Beswick, leading him down a path he never anticipated.


While the concept for his first novel was conceived six years ago, it was the nightly ritual of crafting bedtime stories for his children that really empowered him to breathe life into it.


The journey of bringing this novel to life was indeed an immersive learning experience. From intricacies of plotting and scene-setting to character development, Beswick expanded his skill set as he poured his heart into the pages. After long or stressful workdays, he found solace in unfolding his narratives, a therapeutic endeavor that helped him unwind and relax.


But his stories serve a purpose beyond entertainment. Working in mental health, Beswick subtly incorporates related topics into his narratives. His ultimate hope is that readers grappling with similar issues may find solace in his stories, realizing that they're not alone, that it's okay to feel the way they do, and that it's important to open up and share.


In 2023 A.P Beswick went full time as an author, he looks forward to sharing more of his enchanting tales with his readers. He hopes you find as much enjoyment in reading his stories as he does in creating them.


I love hearing from my readers so please do not hesitate to drop me a line.  

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