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Arnold Ethon and the Lions of Tsavo

Arnold keeps having vivid dreams of flying, something that he can’t ignore. Taking this as a sign of his spirit beast, a spectral animal that he will be able to summon, he eagerly awaits his fifteenth birthday when he will be coming of age.

After saving the life of a retired Doyen warrior from a terrifying attacker, distinguishable only by the horrific scar that decorates his face he finds himself invited to join the Chichen. But this is unheard of for someone his age.

Arnold must learn to juggle school life with his gruelling training as he sets about honing his skills in the hope of unlocking his fated spirit beast.

Something isn’t sitting right with Arnold though and he knows that his family are hiding something from him about his spirit beast’s identity, something which involves a long hidden family secret. With his best friend Otto, Arnold is determined to find out what his spirit beast is whilst trying to figure out the identity of the scarred man. A journey which will push Arnold to his absolute limits.




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