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Arnold Ethon The Eagle And the Jaguar

Arnold Ethon The Eagle And The Jaguar is the thrilling second book in The Spirit Beast Series full of twists, turns and even more kick ass spirit beasts!

Delve into a gripping fantasy world and continue to follow Arnold's adventures.

Arnold is struggling to grieve following his Grandad's murder at the hands of Levent. On top of this, he hasn't seen or heard from his best friend Otto since he was exiled by the Chichen for taking a life. When a feral spirit beast attacks George, Arnold and his friends seek to find out the identity of this monstrous creature. With more family secrets being revealed, one thing is for certain. Arnold's life will never be the same and his allegiance to the Chichen put to the ultimate test.

Thats if he survives the beast that stalks him

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Arnold Ethon and the Lions of Tsavo

Fast paced action, gripping adventure and kick ass spirit beasts!

Arnold Ethon And The Lions Of Tsavo is the first book in the Sprit Beast Series. If you like Harry Potter and His Dark materials, where  real settings are blended with fantasy to create a unique world then this book is for you.

With Arnold approaching his 15th birthday, he is becoming increasingly worried that he is not going to have a spirit beast of his own. After a chance encounter gives Arnold and his best friend Otto a chance to join the illustrious Chichen, they jump at the opportunity given to them. The two of them have to learn to hone their connection to the spirit world and they begin intense training to unlock their potential.

When a terrifying attacker appears, distinguishable only by the horrific scars on his face and bent on revenge against the Chichen. Arnold finds not only his life is on the line but those he holds dearest.

The question is, how far will Arnold go to release the beast.

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Arnold Ethon And The War Of The Roses

The gripping third and final installment in The Spirit Beast Series sees Arnold come face to face with his most dangerous enemy yet.

Arnold is struggling with what feels like the weight of the world on his shoulders following the capture of Levent, the man who murdered his Grandad. When an ancient flower war is triggered by Arnolds Grandma, it is his Dad who is selected by the Chichen to represent their faction in the ultimate battle for power.

When his dad’s health takes a turn for the worse Arnold must replace him in the flower war because of their blood tie, however there is a small problem. The more stressed Arnold is becoming the more he finds himself losing his grip on his world and slipping into the spirit world.

With no way of controlling these new abilities Arnold has no choice but to turn to his sworn enemy to learn how to harness his powers in time to represent the Chichen against his allies in the Almec and a new faction known as the Calmecac.

The options are bleak but Arnold is more determined than ever to prove himself and unite the warring factions. Can Arnold survive? Or will he end up trapped in the spirit world for ever? A fate worse than death.

Read this epic page turner by A.P Beswick and see Arnold's story reach a thrilling conclusion.

A Forest Of Vanity And Valour
The Levanthria Series

The first book in The Levanthria Series a brand new dark fantasy series which takes inspiration from British folklore. 

Take from the poor

Give to the rich



Vireo takes what he wants in order to maintain the upper class lifestyle he was born into. Along with his two closest allies Lek and Gillam they collect taxes from the people of Askela in order to fund the kings war.


But everything changes when they uncover an ancient spell book. One that has the potential to bring back magic into the world, for those that have the ability to wield it. 


Jareb, who is the Kings cousin and tasked with running the kingdom in his absence. Senses an opportunity in swinging the tide of the war in their favour and ending the poverty that has engulfed Askela.


That is until Vireo takes something that doesn’t belong to him, something that threatens to tip Jareb over the edge and down a dark path. 


Now on the run, Vireo must learn to survive in the dark forest of Opiya, where dangerous creatures lurk. In order to save himself, he must learn to save others. 


Legends are not born, they are forged.

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Coming Soon
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