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Welcome to the Chichen!

What a busy few months it has been! That said my new newsletter is live! I will be working on growing my email list moving forward so I can keep you upto date with the progress of my books, recommending other authors and sending out special offers to you.

With that I wanted to let you know that I am giving away a free ebook of Arnold Ethon And The Lions Of Tsavo to every person who subscribes to my newsletter. Yes you heard me right, I have spent a long time creating this book and I want to give it away for nothing. This is my way of saying thank you for all the support I have received so far and honestly it is the least I can do for you guys.

Not only this any new subscribers will also be added to the ARC list and receive a free ebook copy of the next book in the series before it comes out!

Make sure you take advantage of this offer and sign up, ill post the link at the bottom for you (I am still trying to figure out how to connect my subscribers from my website to my email hosting service)

Thanks again for all the support

Stay Safe


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